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At Brok Decor, we understand that brand activations are the key to creating unforgettable experiences for your brand. Over the years, brand activations have become increasingly important, and clients (and agencies) know to turn to us for this. We take a brand and connect an experience to it. Gorbatsov Vodka is an excellent example of how a collaboration between a brand, an advertising agency, and Brok Decor, as an extension, brings an experience to life.

Gorbatsov Vodka: an icy brand activation
When Gorbatsov Vodka wanted to activate its brand at festivals, we were approached for the execution. The advertising agency had a daring plan: create a large ship sailing over icy waters like an icebreaker, from which the vodka would be served in ice-cold glasses. This creative concept resulted from close collaboration with the advertising agency. The icy ship we built brought the Gorbatsov Vodka brand to attention in a striking way and left an unforgettable impression on festival visitors. View our showcase for Casa Bacardi.

At Brok Decor, brand and detail are always at the forefront. We ensure that your brand stands out at every festival or event. Our brand activations can be placed anywhere, whether they are permanent installations or temporary pop-up shops.

We have built an impressive portfolio in brand activations, including well-known Dutch and international brands. At Brok Decor, we go beyond just building; we create experiences that put your brand in the spotlight and capture the hearts of your target audience. We create standout value.

Are you curious about what we can do for your brand? Contact us and discover how we can transform your brand into an unforgettable experience at festivals and events. Together, we build your brand success! 

Build your brand, build an experience!