Defqon festival

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At Defqon in Biddinghuizen, where our team handled the decoration, it was an impressive project of scale and precision. With miles of wood, 500 plus mandays of labor, and the construction of over 10 stages, the tallest of which reached above 50 meters, it was an extraordinary achievement in the events industry.

Our preparation, spanning over five months, resulted in a carefully curated visual spectacle. The use of sustainable materials, such as the reuse of Q-dance’s decor items, attests to our commitment to quality and aesthetics. 

Every detail was meticulously planned and expertly executed to create a unique atmosphere that perfectly aligned with the energy of Defqon.

This project reflects our dedication to delivering an unforgettable, high-quality event experience. Defqon in Biddinghuizen marked a milestone in our portfolio, and we take pride in the outcome of our team’s efforts and collaboration with Q-Dance.