/  Polaris/Indian

In close collaboration with JEEGEE MOTORS BV, the proud representative of the Indian Motorcycle and Polaris Benelux brands, we have forged a strategic alliance for the management and optimization of their exhibition stands and promotional materials.

Our involvement goes beyond mere transportation; we are here to transform their exhibition experience through efficient stand setups and effective utilization of promotional materials. At each trade show, we work together to tailor and optimize JEEGEE MOTORS BV’s stands for maximum impact. This includes not only strategically deploying promotional materials but also efficiently utilizing space and logistics. Our targeted approach enables JEEGEE MOTORS BV to stand out with an impressive presentation at every trade show.

As a storage partner, we provide a secure and organized space to store exhibition stands and materials when not in use. This ensures streamlined and cost-effective logistics, allowing JEEGEE MOTORS BV to focus entirely on their exhibition participation without concerns about practical aspects. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to flexibility and customization.


We aim to enhance JEEGEE MOTORS BV’s exhibition experience by not only meeting their specific needs but also proactively anticipating the dynamics of the events industry. Together, we don’t just build exhibition stands; we create impactful brand experiences that strengthen the brands of JEEGEE MOTORS BV.