/  Walibi

Walibi Holland, a valued client of ours for many years, annually has the honor of being transformed into a spooky Halloween-themed park, where we play a crucial role in this metamorphosis. Our collaboration with Walibi extends across various areas, with the highlight being the annual Halloween event, where a significant part of the park is enveloped in a dark and enchanting atmosphere.

What makes this collaboration particularly special is our creative approach to reusing existing and sometimes old items from the park. These items undergo a metamorphosis, are repainted, or find new life in a different setting. This sustainable approach is not only cost-effective but also adds a unique character to the Halloween experience at Walibi.

The annual transformation of Walibi for Halloween is more than just a decorative effort; it is a collaboration where creativity, reuse, and thematic experience come together. Our common goal is to provide visitors with an immersive and memorable experience that goes beyond the standard attractions.

In addition to the annual transformation of Walibi for Halloween, we have also undertaken another project to rejuvenate the park’s entrance. With a fresh perspective on design and aesthetics, we renovated the Main Street of the park to give the entrance an entirely new look.

The entrance of Walibi, the first thing visitors experience, has now become an impressive welcome portal. With attention to detail, we designed the revamped Main Street, where the architecture and atmosphere seamlessly align with Walibi’s identity. This renovation has not only brought about a visual transformation but has also contributed to creating a memorable first impression for every visitor.